Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is it?

Mind over matter...there is power in your thoughts...stinkin' thinkin'...we have heard them all. But, what does that mean for you, for me, in our journey to get healthy and strong? I say journey because the process often has ups, downs, wheels on the side, cruising through, etc. You get the idea.

What is it that makes Roger Federer unable to beat Rafa Nadal in an Grand Slam final these days? As a friend of mine and Crossfit trainer himself says, "I love Roger Federer, but he is a mental midget when he plays Rafa Nadal."

What is it that makes an entire team or athelete (and stadium of fans) take a deep sigh and lose their momentum causing, their once winning team, a loss?

What makes someone do a workout and suffer through with everything in their gut to continue? I had a client say of a workout recently, "I really wanted to quit, but once I got past the first round, I had to keep going." This person was lifting heavy and doing everything better and stronger than he had ever done before. He had the drive...suddenly. The "want to" overtook the "quit" in him. 

What is it that can suddenly take you to another time and place, enjoying or suffering through a memory so real, you would swear it was happening right then and there?

What is it that enables a mother to go through the excruciating pain of child birth, but amazingly, forget the pain and only remember the beauty of such a day and such a miracle?

Well I call it the good ole mind...or is it heart? However you look at it, "it" has the ability to bring life and rejuvinate or to kill and paralyze. For myself, I have learned (and I am still learning) what my "usual" behavior looks like when I am not thinking clearly...when I am not seeing myself through the eyes of a loving Heavenly Father, who is always with me...when I lose heart. 

See yourself the way God sees you! Take heart! We are able to do extraordinary things when we are able to take hold of that thing for which Christ took hold of us. In encouraging others, we are encouraged. In helping others, we are helped. In loving others, we are loved. In being a friend, we find a friend. In reaching a goal or struggling, we can always take heart. Nothing is lost, nothing is hopeless, and certainly nothing is wasted. It is not too late to begin. It is not to late to begin again! It's never to late! 

Your health is more than what you eat and drink. It is more than if you're moving or staying still. It certainly encompasses all of those things and your journey will be more than tricky without the proper balance. However, I encourage you to take heart! Don't lose it. Hold on to it! It's a funny thing...this heart, this mind. It's all heart!

Hugs and peace from one tough mother :)

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