Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Sugar and Spice for me...True Grit, please!

WHOOO HOOOO!!! Guess who has full body weight pullups? YEP...this tough mother!!
I am not at all being bragadocious! It is simply this...a pullup has been a goal of mine since I began losing weight and getting stronger two years ago. There have been two times in my life when I was able to hoist myself to have my chin over the bar. I usually do workouts that involve pullups with band assistance and today was no exception. I began my workout on the smallest resistance band. I did 5 pullups in a row (for you Crossfitters out there, I did an abbreviated "Cindy"). After the fourth set, I thought, "I am just going to see if I can do a full body pullup. If I can, I'll finish the workout with no assistance." myself, I tried it...and... BOOM SHAKA LAKA...I am in!! Not only did I do one, I did as many as it took to finish my work out! Scrump-dilly-icous is what I would say! 
I saw a quote this morning that I will share below that inspired me to be more than just sugar and spice. The beauty of being a woman is that I can have true grit. I can be strong, and I can be tough...AND, I can have sugar and spice, kindness, and a nurturing spirit. This is the real strength in being a woman!
So, be strong people! Try something new. Work hard. Be dedicated. Be determined. Have courage. Have grit. And, have some sugar and spice too. After all, it makes all things nice. :) 
hugs and peace from one tough mother!
 "Ode to the Strong Girl: In this day it is all about courage, determination, toughness, heart, talent, sacrifice, belief, passion, and guts. THAT is what ALL Girls are made of; let the old saying 'with sugar and spice' RIP."  Rx Star
My work out today...
Row 1000 meters (rest 3 minutes)
As Many Rounds as possible in 20 minutes of "Cindy." 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats (rest 3 minutes after)
21-15-9 reps of wall ball shots, GHD situps, burpees, GHD back extentions


  1. You are BEAST!!! I did my regular circuit training and followed it with 4 sets of pull-ups...but I can't do my full weight yet. I'm using the "elevator machine" that allows you to pull up part of your weight. Got a long way to go to be able to pull my weight as they say. You inspire...keep up the good work.

  2. Wow girl so proud of you! I have to say I have never been able to do a pull up. You are the bomb diggidy! Love you and miss you so much!.

    I started my workouts 5 days ago today. I am happy to say I am still in the game at this point. I have moments I want to say forget this give me that cake but I resist and move on. I am currently just working out with a workout video due to we are trying to save money and can't afford the gym at this time. Like I told my self on the first day NO have like 7 workout videos, hand weights, and tv and space. I just have to make time and do it. So I have made myself do it first thing when I get out of bed so I cant put it off and then not do it. I am currentlying trying circuit video with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred....20 min of intense circuits constant movement the entire 20 min. I have 2 other Jilliam workout that I will move on to that are 40 min workouts. I just wanted to start small because if I tried the full shabang I was afraid I would not follow through. I have changed my diet and logging what I eat. I pray I can just keep this up. I have to say I feel great and can tell a little less tightness in my jeans which is awesome cause over the holidays I was having to squeeze into them.

    Keep up the amazing work. You inspire me.

    Love Audra