Monday, January 16, 2012

52 Days? Are you kidding me?

As I begin to write, my mind is flooded with so many forgive my rambling.

I have so many friends and loved ones that really want to make a change in their life. So many have taken the first steps and some are contemplating and want to take the first step. I have a friend who is an animal when it comes to running and has decided to add another element to her workouts. When it got hard she got discouraged due to circumstances beyond her control at the moment. The point is she is still trying and doing whatever she can day by day. That is the day at a time.

One day at a time...hmmmm...chew on that a moment. Isn't that the case in anything we do in life? Isn't that the word for all of us? It's more than a cliche, it is TRUTH. When we are striving to be a good spouse, a good parent, a good employee, a good person, an encourager, a leader, a follower, a soldier, a teacher, a healthy person...whatever you're striving to be...we take it one day at a time.

Often times, we look at a goal or at our life and think, "There is no way I can do this. How can I do this? How can I get to where I want to be?" I am lead to the book of Nehamiah in the Bibile, and the rebuilding of the wall. What would take years to rebuild, Nehemiah (with God's blessing) finished that wall in 52 days. 52 DAYS!!! Now that is believing in what we think we can't do and then doing it. It's an amazing encourager when you are facing a new task.

Whether you are running a 5k, walking to the end of your driveway, beginning a new workout program, being a better "fill in the blank," they key is to DO....and do it one day at a time. I am certain, if Nehemiah was as human as me (and he was), that he looked at rebuilding the wall and thought, "good gracious, this will take forever!" But with determination, God's blessing, and drawing a line in the sand with himself, it was done far sooner than he thought.

So, just begin...don't worry about how long it will take or how far you have to go. Don't worry about the bad days or the "not feeling with it" days...just start moving toward your goal. You'll get there! And much sooner than you thought, in fact!

I am no where near where I want to be. But, am I in process? You bet I am! And one bad day won't stop me, it won't paralyze me. I have set me eyes to the prize and I will get day at a time!

Hugs and peace from one tough mother :)

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  1. You definitely are "one tough mother" and I love it. Keep on being an inspiration to those of us in process! You are BEAST!!!