Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crazy and wonderful life!

It's funny how life happens. This has been a crazy and wonderful week. When my melodies are gone, it's in Him I find a song. :) Life is good and God is faithful! 

10,000 Reasons…August 4, 2012 (Day 6)
I am thankful for…
1.     Worship…it brings life to my soul.
2.     For feeling His presence when I am overwhelmed.
3.     The laughter of giggly girls! Ana and Maddie laughing and enjoying life.
4.     Watching kids worship with reckless abandon…God shows Himself to them, fully.
5.     A breeze on my back patio…so nice.
6.     My faithful Father hears my prayers and sees my heart.
7.     My church…reaching out and being Jesus in the earth.
8.     Paying bills…yep, that’s right…Thankful I can pay them.
9.     Every phone call from the Mister. He still warms my heart everyday.
10. My friends, who walk beside me through my crazy life.
11. Coffee…even after I spark, haha!
12. Jeans and a t-shirt. Comfy clothes are the best.
13. For the cross, where my shame is undone.
14. Days when I am organized and on my game…feeling as though I am rocking this day!
15. Sunsets…God’s beauty.
16. My gym friends who have a court date and are one step closer to bringing their son home from Taiwan.
17. That God loves without labels…He loves us unconditionally!
18. Flip flops.
19. Cinnamon gum.
20. My warm bed…I am aware that is a huge blessing!
21. Watching Ana and her friend make bracelets…they find such joy in that. It makes me happy.
22. Mondays…it’s a new day for a new week to make life count!
23. My husband…we will celebrate 17 years this Saturday. He makes life sweeter!
24. My man is safe at work. I miss him when he’s away. He’s an honorable man!
25. Earrings…they make every face better. :) 
26. Shopping for school supplies! I love school supplies.
27. I know my Redeemer lives!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's the little thankful!

10,000 Reason…August 1, 2013 (Day 5)

I am thankful for…
1.     Cauliflower pizza crust, so I can “think” and taste wonderful pizza (with turkey pepperoni and veggies.)
2.     My kids having wonderful friends and making great memories.
3.     My computer keeping me in touch with friends, past and present.
4.     My gym…today I had a 135 lb press…not a PR, but good work.
5.     My life group…we are always there for each other.
6.     The driving range…I am learning to play golf.
7.     Straight line drives off the tee box…they don’t come often, ha!
8.     Christina…I love that she lives here, on the island,  and is a one of my dearest friends.
9.     Phone calls from The Mister…they are still sweet, day after day!
10. Summer nights…I will be longing for them again, come winter.
11. School…I love teaching my children.
12. Jammies…when you just want to be comfy.
13. The beach…the memories will stay with me until next summer.
14. My OCD…it keeps me on track.
15. Paying bills…I know, what? I am grateful I can pay them.
16. Dreams in my heart and drive in my soul to become what I desire.
17. God’s grace and his wisdom.
18. The ability to keep my mouth closed when needed. Ha! This is a real miracle.
19. The barbell. It is always fair and reminds me from where I’ve come and celebrates where I am going.
20. Spark!!! It gives me energy when I need it most.
21. My new plan to work my weaknesses and be a better athlete.
22. Replays of the crossfit games…it helps me!
23. Success School in Dallas, when I get to spend time with my LaLa!
24. The reminder of friends that mean so much and give me strength and joy.
25. Ponytail holders.
26. Phone calls from my mom each day! I love our conversations.
27. Music…everyday I find myself again, in the music.