Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This once Hot Mess is now "Won Tough Mother!"

My efforts over the last couple of years to be healthy and strong have led me down an interesting path. Once a 213 pound, depressed, stressed, lazy (and sad) hot mess...NOW (the pic to the left is me today...I ran 4 miles this day)...40 pounds thinner and more determined than ever...A tough mother! I am still in process and have a great journey ahead of me. However, no longer do I claim the title of Hot Mess!! Now...I'm no mess, I'm a Tough Mother! :)

I am calling a do-over on my blog and I am embarking on a journey that I want to invite you on...the journey to keep me accountable to myself! Hopefully while you keep me accountable, you will be inspired and come with me in this fun that I call crazy strong and healthy living. I want to inspire others and have been encouraged by some people dear in my life to resurrect my blog and begin again to document my progress. 

I have lofty goals for myself this year and with great anxiety I share them! I say great anxiety because I will either LIVE and achieve or eat my words. I don't know about you, but I am no good at eating my words. They don't taste like chocolate, they taste more sour! :)

I am going to do a major event/"run" each quarter. My first is scheduled for March 31 and it is called a Tough Mudder. This is a 10 to 12 mile obstacle course that includes crazy obstacles...mud, electrical shock, ice baths, monkey bars, scaling walls, crawling under barbed wire, etc. etc. etc. Doesn't that sound awesome?!? Look out Dallas!! My friends and I are coming in March. My only goal is...FINISH! I may be there until March 31, 2013, but I will finish! Check it out at

I was talking with a friend the other day and we said, "I want to live!" This is ringing true as my mantra in 2012. I don't want to make resolutions. I don't want to wish to be better, stronger, or different. I want to walk it out. I want to start to live! I vow to get outdoors, climb a mountain, go on a hike, enjoy this beautiful world that God so generously placed as my playground. 

Let's do it!! Are you in!! Don't make a resolution...just MOVE!! Just change!!! To quote one of my favorite blogs that I follow, "Crossfit Lisbeth..." 

"...if your resolutions don’t work for you, then why make them? Instead, just act. There’s no law that says you have to think, decide, plan, and then act. Sometimes, in some cases, you might be better off just acting. Less talk. More walk. Less planning. More results. Skip to the part where you can make things happen. If your life is not where you want it to be, the easiest way to change it is to change it.  Really. So, maybe it’s time not to talk. Maybe it’s time to just do."

My work out yesterday..."300"
25 pullups
50 deadlifts (95lbs)
50 pushups
50 box jumps
50 abmat sit ups
50 kettle bell snatches (36lbs/one arm)
25 pullups

My workout today...
Run 800 meters
30 clean and jerks (95lbs)
Run 800 meters

ARE YOU IN? Are you going to start living with me? Enjoy life and live it...Abundantly!!
hugs and peace from "won tough mother"...


  1. Dang woman! You are my hero!!! Don't know that I'll ever reach your potential, but I'm giving it a slow start. Trying to figure this cross-fit thing out and how I'll manage to do it on my own.
    Keep inspiring...there are a lot of us watching!
    Love ya girl!!!

  2. Amazing and very inspiring. I would love to keep up with you. As this new year is beginning, I have decided no more excuses and to stop being lazy. I have never dones that much strength training but I would love to try. This morning I got up way early due to I went ot bed at 8:30 reading to Elijah. I did a Jillian Michael 30 day shred workout...It was tough but I am going to do be dangdist to stick with it. I have cut back on soda to one 12 oz a day and drinking at least 10 (8oz) glasses of water. I am drinking protein meal replacement shakes for Breakfast and eating lower calories for lunch and dinner with only 1 small 100 calorie snack during the day at work. I play to replace my lunch with replacement shake next week. Like Pat Irby always told us....losing weight is simple plan....burn more calories than you put in. It maybe simple on paper but we all need to be pushed. Love you Dixi and miss you to pieces! Audra