Friday, June 11, 2010

Finish What You Start...No Regrets!

We all have those pesky little things that are hanging over us that we need to complete. For the business person, it may be your taxes. For the mother, it may be the laundry. For the teacher, it may be lesson plans. For the doctor, it may be patient notes. For a kid, it may be a round of tag where "you are it!" I have been overwhelmed lately by the concept of "finish what you start." And today I had the opportunity to finish what I started.

I was at crossfit preparing for my workout. I was determined to do the prescribed intensity and strength that my trainers wanted. But, I wasn't at all "feeling it," today. I was lacking energy, I was tired, I wasn't as nourished as I prefer to be, blah blah blah.

The work out was 60 reps of heavy tire flips, 24 inch box jumps, and 15 pound wall balls. In between all that fun were 10 sets of 50 meter runs, pulling around 85 pounds, and 25 meters of walking lunges, holding a 25 pound plate over your head. Bahhaahaaa...sounds insane, right? Well, to any crossfitter, it's just another day at the office.

Well I had made it to the end of the work out and low and behold, I go to jump on my 24 inch box and WHAM BAM BOO YAAA YAAAA!!! I missed!!!! And boy, did I miss it good. My right toe missed the box (out of good ole exhaustion), and my shin scrapped the box, my knee landed on the box, and I screamed some words that I am not so proud of, ha! I have successfully made it nine months in this crossfit community without missing one single box jump. Today was an entirely different story.

It would have been different if it had been one of those days when I was energized and operating at my best. It would have been different if everything in me was yelling and screaming...VICTORY. It would have been different if....But, today my story was different. It was a challenge to even show up and now I am almost done and I WHAT? I get hurt and jack my leg all up?! Well, the old Dixi would have quit. She would have said, "Oh well, I am hurt. I quit, I'm done!" But today I said, "This box will not beat me and I will finish." It was the longest finish of my life and everyone in that gym had a better time than me. But, the point is, I completed what I started.

Lots of people quit when the going gets tough. Some don't! Lance Armstrong completed what he started after cancer. J.R. Celski, speed skater, cut himself in a horrific accident and came back to win a bronze medal. I have a friend who went back to college and finished her bachelors degree after raising and homeschooling her two oldest children and homeschooling two other children while going to school.

But one person comes to mind that never quit until it was finished. That person, well...His name is Jesus. He took a long, hard, road less traveled. My challenge today seems like beans and franks compared to his great sacrifice and determination. He sacrificed and loved me so that I could walk through my life with the assurance that, "surely, my redeemer lives." No matter what challenges I am up against in this life that I live, one things is certain. No one is putting me to death. I am not carrying the sins of a dying world and giving my life so that they can live!! My small wound is nothing compared to the stripes He bore for me. What an example of finishing what you start. What a great example of "whatever it takes."

FINISH WHAT YOU START! Have no regrets!!

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  1. Awesome!!! Was thinking about what it takes to get back up during my run today (that I also did not really want to do.)
    Love the way you tied it all together!