Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Your Words Are True

Wow! It's been a rough few days! I ended last week traveling to Mississippi to be with my mom and dad for a surgery that would add years to my dad's life. I am amazed by modern medicine. After walking with my mom through two hip replacements, and my dad's aortic stint, I stand in awe of what God has provided to us through the wisdom of doctors and surgeons. Yet, with all of the miracles, I have had a rough couple of days...nothing major...just "bleh." I have had a nasty head cold and been tired and ready to recovery fully.

Tonight, as I showed up at church to lead a small group of 7th grade girls, the topic of conversation was joy. There is a vast difference between happiness and true, genuine joy. I was so honored and happy to spend time with these girls discussing where we find our true joy. Also, the verse of the day, today, on my cell phone was..."And now, O Lord God, you are God, and your words are true, and you have promised this good thing to your servant." 2 Samuel 7:28

When I read the full chapter, this verse comes from a prayer of gratitude to God, from David, after God establishes His promise to him. David, after God revealed Himself and His promise of faithfulness, was thankful. I needed a healthy reminder. After knowing and studying David, I am comforted by His willingness to always praise, always thank, always seek His presence; even though he was a hot mess most of the time. I can identify to the hot mess portion of life, daily! :) I knew going into taking time each day to be thankful for 27 things and publishing it, that I would run into road blocks and challenges. Thanks be to God that my road blocks, my challenges, my head colds, and my stresses don't define the condition of my heart. My God supplies all my need and He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. So, I end today, energized to continue to be thankful! 

10,000 Reasons...July 31, 2013 (Day 4) I am thankful for…
1.     The rain, my garden is loving it, and my tomatoes are going to be so good. 
2.     The Vegetable CSA I am a part of for my delicious veggies, farm to table, each week.
3.     My gym family, where I am challenged everyday to be better.
4.     My 135 pound clean and jerk, a new personal record! Woot!
5.     My peaceful and cozy home.
6.     Reminders all around that God is good and always with me.
7.     The laughter of my children.
8.     Singing in the car with Ana to the top of my lungs and laughing the entire time.
9.     The smell of rain, followed by the beautiful sun…God’s splendor.
10. Music…it feeds my heart.
11. A healthier mom and dad.
12. Friends, who make me smile and give me strength everyday.
13. My friend running out of gas today. We had to go and fetch gas and laughed the entire time. I needed that and didn’t even realize how much.
14. Dreams and wishes….you are never too old to establish a course.
15. My Mister! I love his calls each day!
16. Getting ready for school to start. I am excited to meet my new students and seeing my old ones.
17. My church family.
18. My bible, it reminds me of God’s love for me and His promises to me.
19. My brother…his instagram photo’s make me chuckle!
20. Hitting golf balls with my kiddos at the driving range.
21. Learning a new skill…I hope to whip my husband in golf when he gets home.
22. Butter!! I love butter, oh…and bacon.
23. Fabric softener…it’s the little things.
24. My gym bag…it is always stocked with Spark and my knee wraps.
25. Never being satisfied with my current status. I always want to be a better wife, mom, athlete, musician, leader, etc.
26. The memories of my grandparents…they bring a smile and a tear every time.
27. The upcoming birth of Cassie and Charlie’s baby. Come quickly, baby Mac!

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