Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Dance...

I have this picture in my house that reads, "When you stumble, make it part of your dance."

I bought that little picture some years ago and haven't really given it any more thought since. Occasionally someone will come to my house and say, "what a beautiful phrase," etc. etc. I usually just brag about how inexpensive it was when I bought it (ha!). Well those nine words have been ringing true for me lately and that little picture has become my reality. I have stumbled a lot over the past several weeks. Not the kind of stumble you are thinking about. The kind of stumble that doesn't knock you down, but just s-l-o-w-s you down. Yes, I have been keeping up with my paleo diet and yes I have been doing my best in the gym...but something happened.

I was pushing so hard, a few weeks ago in the gym, and began to have pain in my left knee...nothing serious, just uncomfortable. Well, in the stumble, my dance was, "I'll just train around it." Then a few days later, I am doing toes to bar in a work out and BOOM, strained by bicep. Grrrrrrrr!!!!! Not a happy camper. I'll just rain around it. Right?

While training around it, my confidence was through the roof!! I can do this! I can be uncomfortable and be fit...more than uncomfortable, but you know what I mean. Well, this past weekend, I participated in my first Extreme 5k. Basically, for those of you who don't know, an extreme 5k is a 3.2 mile run with obstacles all through the course. You may crawl through mud, go down a giant slip and slide, scale walls, crawl through tunnels, roll under fences, and RUN. Run....hmmmmm, something I have neglected. Well, I discovered my stumble had become my downfall. Since I highly "overestimated" myself going into this race (who ever overestimates, right?), I was totally humbled. Luckily I was running with friends who stuck with me and pulled me through and made the entire day worth it. I "danced" during my stumble. 51 minutes later, I FINALLY danced across the finish line. Thank you, Lord. :) 3.2 miles never felt so long.

Well, I am happy to say, that today I am back in the gym and dancing....that's right dancing. It's a beautiful mess, this life I am living. But, it is mine to live and if I quit dancing....well, I quit living life to the fullest. I love to dance. I just hope it's not during my stumble for too much longer. I am strong and so are you! Whatever you are allowing to keep you from dancing your way through living, let it go!! Life is so worth it when your dancing!!

Hugs and peace from one tough mother :)

One more thing...If you are interested in some great recipes and how to be fit and strong, check out this blog... This girl is a rock star and will help you dance your way to "awesome!"

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  1. As always, you are my hero! I keep reminding myself, it's about enjoying the journey...but dadgum it, I am so darn competitive I tend to forget that during the race.
    I may have to post those "9 little words" in my own house....cause this old gal tends to stumble a lot - and then starts dancing again!