Monday, September 28, 2009

Strong in Mind

I have to admit, from time to time, I have been known to be a reality show junkie. I know those of you that know me well are saying, "FROM TIME TO TIME?!" Okay...I love reality television. I love Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Top Chef, etc. etc. etc. There is something about the human experience...the vulnerability and rawness of people pushing themselves and putting themselves out there without inhibition. I have watched Biggest Loser every season since the show began. Every year I watch and wonder WHY IN THE WORLD do these people CRY over a work out? REALLY? You are running, doing pushups, lifting weights...and CRYING? Seriously? criticism of those tear filled folks on their own personal quest got kicked to the curb today. I went to workout with my wonderful crossfit instructor Roger King. I arrive, look up at the workout board, to see what our work out of the day (WOD) would be. As I warmed up and began learning what would be expected of me for the next 40 minutes or so, I was inspired...confident. I felt strong...after all, I have been at this quest for 3 weeks starts my fourth week...I am a beast!! It consisted of 10 man makers (go to and see that little piece of evil, ha), 45 walking lunges with 60 pushups, 20 knee ups hanging from a pull up bar, and then conclude the round with running. Then he says, "I want you to do 3 rounds of this WOD. This is intermediate for crossfitters." I soon felt a little weak in the knees...but still confident.

After 2 rounds I was at the end of myself...I wanted to quit. The old Dixi would have stopped, stroking my ego for a job well done, and gone and had a big pepperoni pizza as my reward. The new Dixi, the 3 week old Dixi, couldn't stop. I had to go on! I had to finish. So, with much determination...and TEARS!!!!!, can you believe it? TEARS!!!! I FINISHED!!! In 48 minutes and some seconds I finished. I cried through the entire 3rd round. But, at the end I was strong. I had pushed myself to a place that I had not pushed before. No longer was I judging the tears of those people on TV in their quest for strength and health. I was joining the ranks of people who have the intestinal fortitude to push...push hard...and birth something new...NEW STRENGTH!!!

So, I say all this to say DON'T QUIT your quest! When you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, push it strong and courageous. You can do it! We can do it together. Most of this battle is mental. Be strong in mind and your body will follow. BE CRAZY STRONG!!!

"Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you." Duet. 31:6


  1. Dixi!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Girl, you are such an inspiration to me! You are your own reality show, and the way you choose to display your 'realness' is incredibly encouraging. I'm wondering what this new Dixi is going to look like by the time I finally make it back to Nashville?! One hot mama!

    Wow, I've been on my own little quest for a fit and healthy lifestyle. It's harder by myself...but in a way, I don't feel like I'm doing it by myself. I see your posts and I feel like he-woman!!

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That made me cry..and I was even there with you! Good stuff, friend.

  3. That was so inspirational Dixi!! You go girl, your words help me on my own quest!!!!

    God Bless you!!