Monday, September 21, 2009

New Life New Mess

Well well well!! If you are here reading then you must be really bored! No, I appreciate all 2 of you that will be reading on a regular basis. However, I feel like I should tell you why I chose to start this blog as well as tell you a little about my background and what got me to this state of, what I like to call, a HOT MESS.

Well, you have heard the story time and time's not a new one. I was a very active, athletic kid. Yes, athletic. I danced, did gymnastics, and won just about every dance competition I ever entered. At some point in my life I began moving less and not burning as much energy as my young life had afforded me.

Well now, twenty years later (marriage, 2 kids) and many pounds more, I am on a quest for health and strength. Yes, health and strength...NOT skinny and malnourished. I am on a quest to teach my two children what it means to be beautiful and what it means to be strong. I am on a quest to teach my children that a healthy lifestyle is more important than any image they see on the front of a magazine cover. I am on a quest to show, by my example, that it is okay and necessary to take care of yourself, while serving others at the same time. Also...quitting is never an option.

I blog about my struggle and my quest because, like all of us, I need and desire accountability. Do I enjoy being accountable? Well, I need to be accountable? Absolutely! I am ready to fight the good fight, both physically and spiritually. My desire is to strengthen myself physically, just like I build myself spiritually. I believe Christ's disciples (Paul for example), were spiritually strong and, yes....physically strong, as well.

So, I invite you to join me, if you dare, on my quest. If you are a hot mess and desire to join in the struggle, then come on!!!! You are hereby invited to start a new, today. We'll do it together. If you are already conquering the struggle between being healthy and living everyday life, then come on! We'll also do it together.

This is me...the quest of a hot mess!


  1. Yay Dixi!!! Girl...all your FB posts have inspired me to start the "quest" of this "hot mess." Ha! Seriously....your post has been what have motivated me to kick my own butt into gear! Thank you! Love you! Miss you!

  2. You go gurl! Can't wait to read more!

  3. Hey Dixi,

    Love your post, we too have started eating healthier and getting more active. I want to drop a few pounds for my health. I will keep reading more, there are quite a few blogs I follow on here.

    Wendy Shivers Gintz

  4. Hey Dixi.

    This is great... I think you will love blogging. I dont blog anymore but used too and really enjoyed it. Thanks for letting us into your life and you have encouraged me to get my butt in gear and start living a more healthy lifestyle. Excited to read more.

    Cassie Morgen