Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Days 3 & 4...Busy DOESN'T mean quit, EVER!!

Days 3 + 4 = Keep Going!
WOW!! The business of life has taken it's toll these past 2 days! But, whose life isn't busy...right? Today is a new day and a GOOD day!! Yesterday was extremely productive on may fronts, BUT I didn't get my workout in. My diet was spot on, but between helping my son with a project, assisting my daughter with math, doing lesson plans, sending emails, cleaning and doing laundry....my day simply got away.

The old Dixi would have thrown in the towel, gone to pick up a hot and ready pizza from Little Caesars, and called it a day! BUT....NOT THE NEW 100 DAY DIXI!! I stuck to my spot on diet and gave myself a break with the moving.

Today, on the other hand, my CrossFit Coach got me right back in the swing of moving and feeling the adrenaline of a good workout! Between gymnastic practice, 5x3 back squats at 160#, and intensive spurts of 185# deadlifts, jumping rope, pullups and push ups...I was right back where I needed to be. And, I more than made up for my busy responsibilities yesterday. I am just thankful I didn't have that pizza, because today wouldn't have meant near as much!

So, I learned...set backs happen. We are human and some days we have to put out those little fires that rear their little heads. But, it doesn't mean failure. You can stay the course and be victorious and live to move another day!!

From wontoughmother to another!! Rock on!!!

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