Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 2 is Done

photo ideas came from my creative friend Donna Sumrall :)

 What a beautiful and sunny day, here in Nashville, we were able to enjoy today. Sundays are always full for us and always feel a bit crazy! Don't get me's a wonderful crazy that I wouldn't trade for anything! However, it makes it more challenging to eat healthy and clean and especially get moving.  There are two guys that play on our worship team at church. They are always bringing in their healthy foods (we play four services in a day) and most always get their workouts in on Sundays! It's been a good example for me of what I absolutely can do when I decide to do it! Proverbs 27:17 says, "People learn from one another, just like iron sharpens iron." I am thankful for people in my life being consistent. I am learning from them!

I have read that "trying" is simply deciding whether or not you are going to do something. So for these 100 days (98 left now), I don't want to TRY...I want to DO! So, here comes day 2...a Sunday...busy times 10! We did it folks!! I maintained my healthy eating with a delicious and nutritious oatmeal breakfast. I found this great recipe for making oatmeal in the refrigerator, overnight. I tried it last night and my breakfast was so yummy! I know I am usually "against all grains," but oatmeal doesn't have the same effect on me as the others that contain wheat and gluten, so YAY! A quick and healthy breakfast!  You can get this YUMMO recipe at the link below:

Concept2 Rower in my Dining Room :)
 Although I didn't get in as much time today as I would have wanted, I did take time to row on our Concept2 rower. And, yes...we keep it in the dining room. It was great for working out the kinks from my run/walk yesterday. Today my legs didn't care for me very much, so rowing was just the ticket! I am a weight lifter at heart and not a runner...but I am going to stretch myself these 100 days and try to become more than just a "complaining runner." (look a there...I said "try." oops!) Bring on day 3! :)

From wontoughmother to another! 

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