Monday, March 15, 2010

Visions of Sugar Plums

I have finally made it through three entire weeks of eating the "paleo" way, as well as sticking to my Crossfit workouts. YAY!! I have dropped 7 pounds and lost 2 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my hips...IN THREE WEEKS! I would love to pat myself on the back, but I am quickly realizing that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I have discovered that this is a way of life for me and not just a six week program.

Since I have given up bread, sugar, grains and dairy I have seen significant changes in my body. I have seen significant changes in my work capacity. And, most importantly, I have become more energized and I am sleeping better. Being a stay home mom does not lend itself well to sleep depravation. :) Instead of choosing a cupcake, I choose an apple. Instead of having pasta with my spaghetti sauce, I use spaghetti squash. Instead of cooking potatoes or rice, I cook delicious vegetables.

Also, since I have given up all the comfort foods that were making me feel bad, something strange has happened. Wait for it...wait for it....wait for it. I am DREAMING of eating sugary foods and bread. HAHA!! I wish I could say that this was not the case, but I dream, specifically, of sugar and bread. I am actually eating and enjoying these foods in my sleep. I don't really know what that means. I'm sure any of you psychologists can diagnose me. :) I have bragged to all my friends that I have lost my cravings for sweets since I began eating this way. I guess if I get to dream of eating them, it's just like I have eaten it, right? haha!

So, here's to all of you out there that have "visions of sugar plums" dancing through your dreams at night. OR, maybe it's just me. But in any case, here's to you as you get crazy strong!

I am going to be posting some recipes as several of you have requested. So, here goes the first's YUMILICIOUS!

Roast Chicken and Veggies
1 whole chicken
1 lemon, quartered
1 head of garlic, just cut the top off with a sharp knife...careful!
1 onion
a few squash
a few zuchinni
1 parsnip (you can sub carrots if you want)
fennel (optional) I just love it :)
salt and pepper to taste

Chop your veggies in nice size pieces...not too small. They are going to roast for about an hour or so.
Layer the bottom of a roasting pan with you veggies and season with salt and pepper.
Stuff your chicken with the lemon and the head of garlic (if you don't like garlic, just omit)
Place the chicken on top of the veggies, baste with a little olive oil for beautiful browning.
Cook in the oven on 425 for about an hour and a half, depending on the size of your chicken.

This is so yummy! My kids love it and I have also made it when we had friends for dinner because it is also a beautiful dish!

Here's to our health!!!


  1. Congratulations Dixi! This is amazing and I'm so proud for you. I wish I liked veggies. :-/ You are an inspiration!!!

  2. Good for you! As soon as I feel better I am going to come over to your house and take pictures of your beautiful food! Yay to some food styling! Then you can post those delicious and nutritious pictures!

  3. Thanks Shea!!

    Danielle, I would love food pics. That's a great idea. I hope you get to feeling better soon. :)